Misspelled and Typos Search Engine for Ebay


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Why Use It...

You can already find some amazing deals on eBay, but to score even more awesome deals, you can search specifically for misspelled listings.

It may be hard to believe, but tons of items on eBay go unsold because the seller neglects to spell the item's name correctly, so it never shows up in search results. By purposely searching for misspelled listings on eBay, you can find some great deals on items that would've gone unnoticed otherwise.


How It Works...

Simply enter a search term andNew page will be Generated with  typo deals on eBay! generates the following spelling errors:

  • Character typed twice
  • Character omitted
  • Characters swapped
  • Key next to correct character hit
  • Key next to correct character and correct character hit


Example Of Deals..

Example search for "XBOX360 " will search for -


(box 360, xox 360, xbx 360, xbo 360, xbox360, xbox 60, xbox 30, xbox 36, xxbox 360, xbbox 360, xboox 360, xboxx 360, xbox 360, xbox 3360, xbox 3660, xbox 3600, bxox 360, xobx 360, xbxo 360, xbo x360, xbox3 60, xbox 630, xbox 306, zbox 360, cbox 360, xvox 360, xnox 360, xbix 360, xbpx 360, xboz 360, xboc 360, xbox 360)

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